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Renewing Your Personal Computer’s IP address

To lead on these simple methods I’ll probably show you how to create a wireless bridge between a Linksys 160N wireless router and a Wi-Fi router Linksys WRT54G that was modded with the DD-WRT firmware. You might be wondering what is a wireless bridge.You might also ask yourself why you want to create a Wi-Fi bridge first. In fact, Wi-Fi bridge, if you have a router to another router to connect using all toiling wired cable. You might want to create a wireless bridge to a number of the following reasons.

The next thing to consider is “My Network Places” in Windows. Depending on your version, you can access to the of the taskbar (Vista, Windows 7) or the Start menu (XP) or from one version using the Control Panel. You will see the new network icons? Very often, you will find your wireless network card is another network with a stronger signal, and when it is not appropriate to connect to this location. When it listed unknown networks, simply remove and double-click to connect to your own network.

Repeating a Wi-Fi network is not very difficult if the material used is compatible. In this example, a Cisco and Linksys WRT54GL WAG320 is used. It is necessary that the two routers to get exactly the protection and Wi-Fi identical appropriate channels and to start at any time with the basics on all parameters and work you have configured to your satisfaction.

Open our web browser and enter in the address at the top of the browser bar and press Enter. It will automatically be prompted for a username and password. Ensure manual for the correct username and password. Most routers use, the default is “admin” for the username and “password” for the password.

Try it at home, if you have two computers. You must make sure that Remote Desktop is turned on first, and this can be done by selecting System Control Panel, select the Remote tab, and ensure that “Allow users to remotely connect this computer” is enabled. If you want to do at home, pay attention to the “Full computer name”, because that’s what you need to enter the Remote Desktop client to connect to this computer.

The IP address is often as routers, or perhaps. The router documentation should provide this. If you do not have documents simply do a search on the Internet “brand of router and the default IP model.”

Well, if you have two computers at home, try it and see what happens! You should be presented with the familiar Login box and once logged in – ta-da! You are now on the desktop of another computer using the Remote Desktop application on your local computer!

Select follow Configuring Quick start link, type your user name of Internet service providers (email address) and password ISP. Click (I know it is strange) to send and warning icon in the upper right corner is, finally select save and restart. Your connection should or two minutes, you click on the home link to see your connection status.

So long as you intend to, a repeater cost purchase using a mixed community (wired or wireless), make sure to buy a repeater with 802.11b / g standard. This standard should be the same as usual in your modem, although some transponders (via the repeater critique documents to find out) compatible on more than one standard.

These bases are for the construction of virtually all wireless products with a printer, Iphone, online game console, Wireless-G and Wireless-N Router. Networking happy!.